Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Cutters!

 My other half loved my fondant covered cupcakes so much that I decided to make some more as I had some new plunger cutters to try out. I LOVE getting new stuff, it's like the postie is bringing me a present and I can't rest until I've used my new goodies.

First I decided to do the same as my previous fondant covered cakes and scoop out some cake so you get a lovely bite of buttercream inside, then I went for a Valentine's theme although they would be perfect for someone special all year round.

Then I thought I'd do some yellow butterflies with a Happy Birthday message:

I used some glitter writing icing to embellish the butterfly wings a bit and for centres on the flowers. They came out pretty well, I dusted both sets with some rainbow glitter for a bit of extra sparkle, I'm really liking the glitter, looks beautiful when the light catches it!

As the new website will enable customers to choose and pay for their cakes completely online, I'm thinking of offering these cakes for personal customisation - choose the wording, the base colour, the decoration colour, the decoration style and even the cake/filling flavour. That way, every order will be bespoke exactly as the customer chooses!

For inquiries or orders, please contact me at - or leave a comment :)

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