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Tutorial - Simple Sugarpaste Roses

BakerLou Tutorial - Simple Sugarpaste Roses
These easy roses are perfect for putting onto cupcakes or celebration cakes and need no specialist equipment!
This tutorial will take you through the process of making these pretty flowers with photos every step of the way. I’ve found this to be the easiest way to learn a new technique so I hope you find it easy to follow. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to message me through my Facebook page or website.


All you need for this simple method of rose making is as follows:

* Sugarpaste in the colour of your choice – approx 100g
 * A sharp knife
 * A sheet of plastic such as cellophane, a plastic file pocket or a freezer bag
 * Your hands!

 And that’s it! No special equipment needed at all.


Knead your sugarpaste until it’s pliable and roll into a sausage shape – the fatter the sausage, the bigger your rose will be.

Cut off the end piece and discard, then cut six slices of roughly the same size. Cover the rest of your paste with cling film or pop in a freezer bag to stop it drying out.

Work with one piece at a time and keep the other slices covered. Lay the first slice on your work surface and cover with your plastic sheet. Push down hard with the palm of your hand (at the base of your thumb) to thin out the paste.
Next run your thumb firmly around the edges of the petal, half on the petal and half on the plastic. This will soften and thin the edges of the petal. To make the bud, start curling the petal inwards with your fingers, keeping it fairly tight.

Repeat the thinning process for the next petal and wrap around your bud, overlapping the seam of the bud. Use your fingers to gently curl the edges of the petals back and pinch around the base to keep in place.

Now all you have to do is keep thinning petals and wrapping around until you have the size of rose you want.

 Once you’re done you’ll notice that the base is now rather large. Don’t worry, that’s how it should be! Simply cut off the excess paste with your knife or a pair of scissors.

Leave to dry overnight or until needed (do not keep sugarpaste decorations in an airtight container or fridge as they will spoil!) and then attach to your cake or cupcake with a little Royal Icing or sugar glue.
Happy Making ❀

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