Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Celebration Cakes

I've been quite a busy bee lately editing photos for the new BakerLou website, I'm finding my vision going a bit funny from time to time -  definitely prefer baking to peering at a computer screen!

The website is going to be mainly dedicated to cupcakes but I thought it would be good to still have the option of ordering the bigger celebration cakes and rather than list each design individually, I decided to make a montage of various styles so that customers can get an idea of what I can do and get a bit of inspiration for how they want their cake to look.

Still seems a bit strange to have a website rather than customers flicking through my photo albums but I guess I should move with the times!

This first montage is a few of the children's cakes I've made over the years:

Now on to cakes for special occasions: (the cakes with bottles in are so popular, I could probably do them in my sleep now!)

and finally, novelty cakes:

I must admit that I prefer doing the more unusual cakes, it's great to have a bit of a challenge and really gets the creative juices flowing!
Going through all my photo files, it surprised me just how many cakes I have done through the years, I came across ones that I had actually forgotten making - is it that I've simply done too many or am I just getting old?!

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