Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Handbag Cake

Woo hoo, it's finished! This is a Paul's Boutique handbag cake made with sponge, jam, buttercream and sugarpaste icing. I'm pretty chuffed with it :)

As I usually forget to take lots of photos, I decided to really make sure this cake was photographed at each stage so here is a step-by-step montage of how this cake came together:

So happy with how it came out, hope the customer loves it!
Now back to cupcakes...

P.S. My mum received her money from The Bakery today, just waiting on paperwork now (full story here) so some progress!


  1. Hi Lou, What size of cake would you recommend to use to achieve this size of bag? 12" cake? xx

    1. Hi Ciara,
      For most bag cakes I use a 14" x 11" roasting tin and bake two layers. I then cut each layer in half and stack the four pieces but you could use any size cake depending on the portions you need, hope that helps, Lou xx


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