Monday, 14 May 2012

Rose Leaves Tutorial

Rose Leaves Tutorial

To make these realistic rose leaves, you will need the following items:
Flower/gum paste, rose leaf cutters, rose leaf veiners (I use Aldaval Veiners), rolling pin, florist wire and tape (I used a very fine gauge wire), cornflour, edible glue, petal dust - burgundy, confectioner's glaze, paintbrush.

Roll out your paste thinly but thick enough to insert a wire and cut out your leaf shape (my cutters leave an indent in the middle but this doesn't matter as it will disappear later!)

Cut your wire into pieces around 10cm long. Dip a wire in edible glue and insert carefully into the leaf about 3/4's of the way along the leaf.

Dust the veiners with cornflour to stop the paste sticking and lay your leaf on the veiner that looks like the back of the leaf, making sure the wire is in line with the leaf spine.

Place the other veiner on top and apply pressure, kind of squash it gently between your fingers! Carefully open the veiners and pop out the leaf - if you find it sticks, tease it out slowly with a dry paintbrush. Keep going until you have as many leaves of different sizes as you need.

Now use a paintbrush to dust the edges of your leaves with a hint of burgundy petal dust. (I used the colour in the bottom left of the picture)

Using a paintbrush, give each leaf a sheen using confectioner's glaze - I use a liquid but sprays are also available.

Now all you have to do is use florist tape to bind together your leaves in the arrangement you choose :)

Happy Making

BakerLou -x-

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