Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer Holidays!

Looks like it's going to be a long summer! As I used to be a childminder, I find it very hard to break the habit of playing silly games with every child that knocks on the door. Every day of the holidays I seem to end up with at least three other kids in the house plus my own two, so as you can imagine I'm not getting much done!!

I'm working on a few orders at the moment, definitely not enjoying a hot kitchen in this current little heatwave - the kids' paddling pool keeps looking at me longingly...

So, when I get the chance to kick the children off the computer, I've been getting some of the admin done, building up the website and designing leaflets etc. Still so much to do before I can officially launch the new website, I really want it to be perfect and let the customer build exactly how they want their cakes, so bear with me!

As I want to provide customers with the option of a free gift card with their order, I decided that a postcard would be nice in a plain envelope with space for me to write their message, what do you think?

I decided to keep everything matching and this goes perfectly with my business cards:

I really love the black lettering on the canvas effect background, simple but effective.

I hope everyone has a great summer and that the kids don't drive you too crazy xx

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