Saturday, 18 June 2011

Taste Test!

So, let's talk about how these cupcakes tasted (the one's from Bradford's Bakers that arrived in a jumbled mess - see previous post)

Well, for a start, they were very heavy and when you pushed the sponge with your finger it didn't spring back, so my hopes weren't high! I persuaded Simon (my other half) to take the first bite and he was not impressed to say the least..
The only good thing he had to say was that the texture of the sponge was quite nice as it was kind of a madeira, but after I tasted it too we both agreed it was stodgy and tasteless. As for the icing, god it was disgusting, really gritty and left a horrible aftertaste in the mouth. Yuck :(
Oh well, at least I know the competition isn't up to much! They still haven't replied to my emails either.....

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