Sunday, 12 June 2011

History of BakerLou

Hi Everyone!

Here's a bit of background so you can understand the history behind my cakes.
When my son Jamie was a year old (he's 12 now, gulp!), I didn't want to leave him to return to work as a qualified nursery nurse so I decided to use my skills in a different way and set up business as a childminder working from home. This was something I really loved doing and over the years the children would ask me to make their birthday cakes as we were always baking together.

 My first cakes were a bit tragic to be honest but as time went by I learnt more tricks of the trade, word of mouth spread and I was soon doing countless cakes for friends and family. A local bakery hired me to make their celebration cakes, what luck getting paid for something I enjoyed huh?

Anyway, lately I have started to branch out into cupcake making, testing them out on my willing neighbours, and am thinking of starting my own cupcake online range. Stay tuned for the launch! Meanwhile, here's a few pics of cakes I have made over the years...

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