Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cupcake Safety!!

Is there a way to send cupcakes through the mail safely? As I'm developing my new range now, it's a tough question - do I stick to local delivery by hand where I know my cakes will arrive in the condition they left me or do I risk the postal system and heavy handed couriers? 
In the name of research, I ordered 6 plain sponge iced cupcakes by mail order, I chose Bradford's bakers ( as they offered next day delivery and seemed a large, reputable company. These are the cakes I picked for my order

At £9.90, plus a hefty £6.95 for delivery (a grand total of £16.85), my expectations were high, they promised attractive packaging "pink box with clear lid, beautifully wrapped with gift card and your personalised message", so I admit, I was a little excited and had high hopes that this company would show me the way forward.

You can guess what happened can't you?

That's right, they were a mess! Absolutely ruined! Packaging wasn't as described either, the box was matte gold and the "gift card" was one of those cheap tags you get on xmas presents.

Not too struck with their customer service either - I emailed through their website and explained the problem, I received a reply a few hours later asking for photographic proof which I duly sent off. This was at noon today and as of yet, no answer. Needless to say I won't be ordering again....

As for tasting, I'll let you know the gory details tomorrow!!
So, DOES anyone know how send cakes and have them arrive in great condition??? 
Please let me know :)
Not too keen on their customer service


  1. not a great idea to copy every other baker though is it?

  2. I have no intention of copying anyone, just want to find a way to send cakes through the post and have them arrive safely, no harm in market research...

  3. I have just come across your post and think it is a great way to see how others are "successfully" posting cupcakes. I however have purchased a posting guide produced by Carina's cupcakes and it was well worth the money. I have successfully posted cupcakes since getting the guide and equally Carina posted me some cupcakes for my birthday and they didn't arrive like your photos!! They were beautiful and well presented. Carina also sells posting pods which the bakery you ordered from should have used!!

  4. Hi thanks Darcy! This post was last year and I've since found the pods that you mention and they work great :) I get mine from a site called Card Cuts (seen them on Carina's too) which are really good value and I did a few trials to make sure that I was happy with them. xx


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