Friday, 2 September 2011


This week has been a busy one for celebration cakes and I'm not finished yet. One of the orders this week was quite an unusual request but hopefully I've pulled it off ok. A ten year old boy wanted me to put two of his favourite lego figures onto his cake and i was a bit apprehensive as I've not had much practice at modelling, thought I'd give it a go though.
These are the figures I was given as inspiration:

Not exactly easy for the novice modeller but this is how they turned out...

I was quite pleased with my R2-D2 but the lego man I found really hard, especially the head as you can probably tell from the picture!! Hopefully he'll like it though :)

Another cake this week was for a lovely neighbour of mine whose family have ordered it as a surprise for her, I hope she loves it as she's a wonderful lady - Happy Birthday Wendy!

So, still a few more cakes to go, a Percy Pig cake and this rather scary logo from a heavy metal band:

Did you guess that this one is for a teenager???!!!

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