Saturday, 18 August 2012

How to use Tappits

Suddenly realised that I hadn't updated the blog for ages so here's a mini tutorial on how to use Tappit letter cutters! I know a lot of people have trouble with these and it took me a while to find the best way for me. In the past, I have tried various methods using plain sugarpaste, CMC treated sugarpaste  and greasing the cutters with Trex with no success but this way really works without any faffing around!

You will need:
Tappit cutters - here I'm using the "funky" type
Icing sugar for dusting
Rolling pin and sharp knife
Flower paste

It's the flower paste that really makes the difference and is easily available to buy, or you can make your own as I do which is an awful lot cheaper! This is the recipe I follow:

Sugarpaste Flowerpaste Recipe

Now you have your paste, colour as you wish and knead until pliable. Roll out on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar as thin as you can - approx 1-2mm.

Leave for about 5 minutes to let the surface of the paste dry a little. Using your knife, cut into sections big enough for your letters. Place your cutter over the paste and press down firmly. Then, still applying pressure, move the cutter in a backwards and forwards motion on your surface to ensure the paste is cut properly.
Now you will see why some people call them Whack-its!
Holding the cutter at a 45 degree angle towards your surface, give it a good whack on the edge of your surface and hey presto! Your letter will drop out of the cutter easily - sometimes you may need to whack it more than once but usually once does the trick.

To attach to your cake, use a bit of edible glue and move into place using a dry paintbrush.

Easy Peasy! Happy Baking :)

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  1. I have these Tappits and enjoy using them though it take me some practice to use them properly!!


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